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Peter Anderson


Mark Ryno:

My friend, Sir Peter. A wonderful man who lived life to it’s fullest. In good times and bad, he stayed strong. He was a leader and a mentor of mine. “The truly magical thing about Key West is how quickly new friends can become old friends.” R.I.P, my friend. I love you … I mean it.

Congressman Joe Garcia:

Today, we lost a true Key West legend. It was an honor to have known and worked with Sir Peter Anderson. His love for the Conch Republic, and everything it stood for, is unparalleled — so today we celebrate his legacy and the ways in which he appreciated our island community every day of his life.

Howard Livingston: 

Our prayers are going out to our friend Sir Peter Anderson Secretary, General of The Conch Republic, one of the true legends in Key West history. Love you buddy!

The Florida Keys and Key West (TDC):

The Florida Keys lost a good friend today with the passing of Sir Peter Anderson, the longtime Secretary General of the Keys’ alter ego, the Conch Republic. An author, storyteller, entrepreneur and coordinator of the annual Conch Republic Independence Celebration for 25 years, Peter ably carried out the republic’s mission to “bring more humor, warmth and respect to a planet in sore need of all three.” Peter, we miss you.

Craig Cates:  

Rest in Peace Sir Peter Anderson, who passed this morning. Peter’s Love and constant promotion of Key West, with his cool sayings and quick wit will be forever missed. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and manyfFriends !

Paul Menta:

Sir Peter Anderson, I am truly at a loss by your passing. Your thoughts and hours of talks with me in the past months that have helped me beyond measure, let alone the many years you inspired me beyond what I can ever say or express. You were a true lover of this great island of Key West, and I can only use a word that really means so little … thanks.

Barry Gibson: 

Sir Peter, you brought warmth, humor, and leadership to our tiny island nation as Secretary General of the Conch Republic. I had the pleasure to serve with you in the U.S. Navy League and host officers and sailors from around the world. You kept the spirit alive like NO ONE else could. As my friend for over 25 years, I am going to miss you. Until we meet again. We will have a celebration in your name! Long live Sir Peter!

Larry Baeder:

RIP, Sir Peter Anderson. There has never been and never will be a greater advocate for The Conch Republic. I hope you are having a drink listening to Fats Navarro and smiling at all you gave and left us. Key West will never forget you.


An account has been set up in the name of Peter Anderson’s 25-year-old daughter, Mikaela Anderson. All donations will help to defray medical bills as well as funeral and memorial arrangements for Sir Peter. For more information please contact Becky Bauer at First State Bank at 305-296-8535 or Gail Lime at 305-304-2248.





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