Musician Jerrod Isaman hosts the Mary Ellen’s variety show, as well as plays and spins some tunes. CONTRIBUTED

Remember when Ed Sullivan brought America the Beatles? That’s the thrill of a good variety show: different acts, new music and late-night entertainment. Musician Jerrod Isaman is bringing the old-school variety show back Thursday nights at Mary Ellen’s Bar. For the past two months, Appelrouth Lane has started hopping around 10 p.m. when Isaman lines up two to four acts to showcase their talent. Hosting the show, Isaman keeps the music flowing. The best part? “If you don’t like what music is being played, just stick around for the next act,” he said, “because it’s most likely completely different!”

Isaman likes all music, from rockabilly to hip hop. “We have had amazing acts both traveling and local from across the board such as a cajun band, bluegrass, soul (and) funk,” said Isaman. He has played with Patrick and the Swayzees as well as The Love Lane Gang, a true variety act himself.

This Thursday, April 26 will be a special edition, as Isaman will host a “Dirty Dancing” themed show featuring – who else? – Patrick and the Swayzees, of course. A $10 wristband gets you in for a night of reliving the sound and feel of the 1987 hit movie, soundtrack and dancing, the whole doo wop, shoo bop bang. And don’t say it, because it will be printed on the wristband: “No one puts Baby in the corner.” Go to Mary Ellen’s Bar at 420 Appelrouth Lane or check them out on Facebook. 

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