Thanks to everyone who participated in our 1st ever Keys Holiday Photo Contest! We wanted to see your photos that capture what the holidays and life in the Keys mean to you, and you delivered! We had everything from ornate palm trees to a row of scuba diving Santas, drag queens in Key West, and even the Grinch himself in Big Pine. It just goes to show you what a special place the Keys are and how creative and fun the people who live here tend to be. Don’t forget to pick up this week’s Keys Weekly Newspapers to find out who won!


JESUS CARRASQUILLO – Elves and Santas in the Keys know the party doesn’t stop! This was taken at the after-party on Applerouth Lane for the Wesley House Bike Parade. Cindy Lou is the owner of Headlines Salon, and the elves are Johny Ortiz and Jesus Carrasquillo. JESUS CARRASQUILLO/Contributed

Jesus Carrasquillo

LINDA CURTIS – “THREE KEY WEST DOGS!” The larger, white doggies are in front of a house on Truman Avenue, not far from White Street. I was riding by on my bicycle with my little dog, “Taj”, a therapy dog, in my basket and, in true Key West spirit, he was wearing his Santa hat and his “bow tie”! I thought they would make a cute threesome! They capture the Key West Christmas Spirit because even our dogs love to get “dressed up in costumes” and join in the fun and spirit of the holidays in Key West! And as their hats say, they “believe in Santa” too! LINDA CURTIS/Contributed

Linda Curtis

LINDA CURTIS – Taken right before the start a Key West Christmas Parade, SPCA volunteer Linda Curtis, a rescue dog named “Tasha,” and an excited little girl pose together. You can see the sparkle and the delight in both her eyes and little Tasha, with crate of little SPCA puppies up for adoption in the background! Only in Key West do we have such an intimate, personal, fun-loving Holiday Parade! LINDA CURTIS/Contributed

Linda Curtis

HUNTER DEMAURO – Over 48 pets came to “Pet Photos with the Grinch” at Berkshire Hathaway Keys Real Estate in Big Pine, raising $480 for the FKSPCA.
As the person behind the mask, I personally knew of someone, a friend of mine, that had recently lost her beloved Boxer “Buckeye” and would have been first in line for a photo-op… Well, I made the call and invited her, her husband and their adorable little guy, Finley, to the Grinch Party!! HUNTER DEMAURO/Contributed

Hunter DeMauro

PRISCILLA HARRIMAN – Priscilla Harriman’s dog Maggie found herself matching with a clown that happened to be passing by. For Harriman, the picture represents fun quirkiness of Key West, where it was taken. PRISCILLA HARRIMAN/Contributed

Priscilla Harriman

BEN HATCHER – At the Bayview Park staging area for the annual Key West Holiday Parade, these candid photos were taken while the participants were making last-minute preparations for the parade. These photographs encompass the excitement, energy, and overall cool vibe associated with this annual tradition. The participants were so sweet when I approached them for photographs. Love it! BEN HATCHER/Contributed

Ben Hatcher

Ben Hatcher Ben Hatcher

DEBRA HOLLIS – Debra Hollis celebrates her first “Keysmas” with a mix of tropical and traditional. DEBRA HOLLIS/Contributed

Debra Hollis

MADALEN HOWARD – When MarineLab instructors have a day off, they get right back in the water for holiday dives on the Duane and Spiegel Grove! MADALEN HOWARD/Contributed

Madalen Howard

MADALEN HOWARD – MarineLab instructors get innovative and festive by decorating a palm tree. We have a different kind of evergreen in the Keys!! MADALEN HOWARD/Contributed

Madalen Howard

CHAR HRUSKA – Johnny Maddox (previous owner of Porky’s Bayside Restaurant), Char Hruska and Santa always celebrate Christmas with Buddy. CHAR HRUSKA/Contributed

Char Hruska

CLAIRE HURD – An annual Key West holiday tradition for Claire, Leland, and Chicken Hurd– pet photos with Santa and the Drag Queens — a fundraiser they do every year for various animal charities. CLAIRE HURD/Contributed

Claire Hurd

EMILY KOVACS – Emily Kovacs as Ms. Claus with Hard Hat Diver Santa at the History of Diving Museum. Nothing says the holidays, like diving in the Keys! EMILY KOVACS/Contributed


KIM SAUNDERS – Gaven Pichardo, 7, and Talon, 19, play with dolphins at the Dolphin Research Center. T’is the season to play with dolphins! KIM SAUNDERS/Contributed

Kim Saunders Kim Saunders

VIRGINIA WARK – A Motley Crew of Santas. Santa Con group shot at the old town hall on Greene st last year. Locals get together, costumes and a movable party on the street anyone can join in Thats The Holiday Spirit of Misfit Toys. VIRIGINA WARK/Contributed

Virginia Wark

VIRGINIA WARK – A Christmas Story at Santa Con! VIRIGINA WARK/Contributed

Viriginia Wark

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