On a recent morning, all of the women present at Island Pilates & Barre chimed in on the question, “What is barre?”

Heather Brandt: “It’s a mix of pilates, dance and yoga that features micromovements.”

Christy Johnson: “It’s like ballet and fitness. It’s about exhausting one muscle group, before moving on to another.”

Shannon Butler: “Barre is for strengthening and toning, which is like pilates. But I find that barre has a little more cardio.”

Brandi Card: “Barre is for tightening and sculpting. It does wonderful things for balance too.”

Brandt is the instructor of the barre classes at Island Pilates & Barre, owned by Card. The classes incorporate a ballet barre and students perform classic ballet moves like plies, combined with floor work. Brandt said she’s careful to offer modifications to suit the abilities of every student. 

“Barre is an opportunity to get that ‘dancer’s body,’ that is toned and sculpted,” Brandt said. 

The 45-minute classes are offered four times a week — at 7 a.m. on Monday and Wednesday and at 8 a.m. on Tuesday and Thursday. 
Island Pilates & Barre uses the MindBody app for students to book classes. The studio is located in the Townsquare Plaza at 11400 Highway Suite, Marathon. Their phone number is 305-942-6921. 


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