Health Department doing once-a-day updates

New report outlines more data per county

Updates to the Florida Health Department’s COVID-19 data and surveillance dashboard and full state report will now be issued once a day, state officials announced on April 26. With the change comes a new report with more data by county.

COVID-19 cases were formerly updated twice a day, one in the late morning and the other late afternoon. Numbers fluctuated one to two times daily on data such as total number tested and new cases as tests would go out and come back from public and private labs. Deaths and hospitalizations would also change.

With the change to a once-a-day report comes the addition of a more comprehensive report county-by-county. In visiting the health department’s COVID-19 page, users can delve into the data a little deeper and easier on things such as cases by ethnicity, percentage of positive cases over the last two weeks and emergency department admissions that deal with shortness of breath, fever or cough. Each county has its own full page report. 

On April 25, results for more than 19,000 tests were received — the second most since testing began. Over the past seven days, state health officials say an average of more than 15,000 tests have been reported per day, the highest seven-day average since testing began. To date, 385,127 tests performed in Florida have been come back from labs. In Monroe County, 1,194 tests have been performed. 

Those testing positive for COVID-19 overall is 9 percent statewide. In Monroe County, 7 percent of tests coming back were positive. Just over 32,100 have tested positive in the state. In Monroe County, 79 positive cases have been reported since March 20.

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