The Florida Keys are enjoying a robust spring in terms of tourism, but most employers in the island chain are experiencing  a severe shortage of workers. To explain this challenge, the Keys Weekly brings you…

Top 10 reasons it’s so difficult to hire in the Keys…

10. “Flee, run or escape” describes how the prospective candidate arrived in the Keys. 

9. Stupid federal requirements – like furnishing a legitimate social security number.

8. Candidates find it difficult to schedule interviews when they are already working three other jobs.

7. Millennials need “creative hours and less intrusive job parameters.” Translation: “I want to work full-time for 22 hours a week with an immediate 401(k), unlimited company credit card and 12 weeks vacation with travel expenses. Oh, and did I mention I’m more of an ‘ideas guy?’”. 

6. Pesky drug tests.

5. The COVID shots are an elaborate conspiracy by “them” and “Big Brother” to turn everyone into lazy socialists.

4. Stimulus checks buy more jet skis and Bud Light than actual jobs do.


3. Remember when all of those people moved away when the businesses shut down? Yeah, they didn’t come back.

2. No vaccine for “Keys Disease.”



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