Local Chatter – Father’s Day Edition

This Sunday we celebrate Father’s Day and the men who, by blood or bond, make us who we are. The origins of Father’s Day reach back to the Middle Ages, when fathers were celebrated on the feast day of St. Joseph, the OG stepdad of Christ himself. This week, we asked younger members of our Key West community, “What is your favorite thing about your Dad?” 


“I like that he’s funny and he takes us out on the boat, and I can swim in the water with my mermaid tail.” -Alice Benson (7)

“I like going fishing with him.” -Luke Benson (4)


“He swims with me and plays with me, and we do Taekwondo class together.” -Georgia Houze (7)


“My favorite thing is going to the movies with my Daddy. Just me and him.” –Julius Isaman (6)


“That he’s loving and kind and will do anything for me.” -Owen Dougherty (9)


“He is pretty gangster on the inside, but he is still quiet and caring. He works a lot of hours but never misses anything I do.” –Jake Ferguson (11)


“That he goes to work so he can pay rent and buy me Apple Jacks.” -Savannah Key Nau (3) 

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