By Clare Merryman

Name: Timothy Hawkins
Grade: senior
Sport: Football, Track & Field

Timothy Hawkins, better known as TJ, is a senior at MHS and is the defensive captain on the football field. This leaves him with a lot of responsibility as he is in charge of keeping 10 other players in order. 

This past Friday, Oct. 22, was a big night for Hawkins, one he says was the best he’s ever had. On his senior night, Hawkins scored one of the team’s two touchdowns. Hawkins recalled the situation. “I ran up on a player from the opposing team, plowed right into the kid who was fumbling the ball, recovered it, and dove into the end zone.” Because linemen rarely score, it makes the memory that much more important. 

After nine years of playing on the Marathon football teams, Hawkins played his last game on Oct. 27. “My time has come; it’s time to move on to the next chapter of my life,” he said.

Since the age of 8, Hawkins has held his shoulders up high and played to the best of his ability. He attributes his accomplishments to his attitude, saying, “Attitude is everything. If you have the mentality of playing like you’re the best, then you will play like the best.”
Hawkins will carry this same energy with him into next fall. As of now, he hopes to continue his education at the Universal Technical Institute, where he looks forward to training to become a diesel tech.

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