As the county emerges from the COVID pandemic, prices for all sorts of goods are rising dramatically for a wide range of goods like lumber, gas and food. The Keys, typically insulated from national economic swings, are situated on the very end of the supply chain and are starting to feel the crunch. 


10. Local banks are offering financing options on stone crab dinners.

9. Smugglers are dropping lumber out of airplanes. 

8. Suddenly the $1 billion needed to raise Monroe County roads seems like a paltry sum.

7. The homeless population is now accepting credit cards … with additional fees for American Express members. 

6. The boat slip you rented for the month is more than your grandfather made in his entire lifetime. 

5. There is a $20 “service fee” just to cast a vote in the Bubbas. (Just kidding … it’s free. Visit keysweekly.com and vote today!)


4. The Board of County Commissioners is proposing a toll on both ends of the Overseas Highway. 

3. FKAA is now charging “by the flush.”

2. Citizens Insurance is complaining about their own rate hikes. 

1. A gallon of gas now costs as much as a mojito.

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