Florida Keys Weekly
  • Howard Alden has studied with some classic teachers of the jazz and blues world after teaching himself the guitar, and he has played and recorded with many others artists. Alden tours in the United States and Europe. He comes to Key West yearly, plays solo, and with others at many of the island’s popular clubs. […]

  • Surfers for Autism is working small miracles everywhere it goes. “There are many therapies for autism — cognitive, touch, equine. Not to sound crass, but we don’t care why surfing works. We just know that it does,” said Dave Rossman, the communications guru for the Surfers for Autism (SFA). The group will be in Key […]

  • Florida voters will determine whether to amend the state constitution to allow marijuana usage to treat medical conditions.

  • The island nation of Cuba is closer to Key West than Miami, but getting there is more difficult then traveling to North Korea or Iran because of an embargo created over five decades ago at the height of the Cold War. President Barack Obama started the conversation of being friendlier with Cuba in January, when […]

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