Staff from your Monroe County Public Library recommend some of their favorites from the collection.

What: “Sherlock Jr.”

Why: Don’t watch silent movies? “Sherlock Jr.” is the perfect gateway. At a brisk 45 minutes, this film doesn’t wear out its welcome, nor does it rely on too many title cards for dialogue. Instead, it packs in many gags and visual trickery all done in-camera. The story of a projectionist who wants to be a sleuth is a simple one, but it’s just the thing on which to hang enough death-defying stunts by the great Buster Keaton to make you ask, “How did they do that?” Celebrating its 100th anniversary, this still holds up as hilarious and creative. 

Where: This film is available on Kanopy.

How: You can browse and request DVDs online by logging in to your account at keyslibraries.org. To view our collection of streaming movies and TV, go to kanopy.com/keyslibraries and set up an account with your library card. You can use the Kanopy app on any device like a smart TV, tablet, etc. If you don’t have a card, you can visit your local branch or register online to get one. Questions? info@keyslibraries.org. Recommended By: Kelvin Cedeño, library assistant, Islamorada library branch