Coffee Roasters’ new blend benefits local reefs

Brewing Goodness

Danny Ganim and Sharon Sealy hold up their new “I.CARE Blend” coffee, benefitting Islamorada’s new coral restoration group. TIFFANY DUONG/Keys Weekly

Islamorada Coffee Roasters, a boutique coffee truck run by Danny Ganim and Sharon Sealy, has been winning over coffee addicts and aficionados with its unique, air-roasted beans and Islamorada’s best craft coffee. Now, they’ve created a new blend specifically to help restore Islamorada’s coral reefs.

Since the couple opened up shop — or truck, rather — they have been traveling up and down the Keys, hand-delivering fresh brews and beans and creating quite the cult following.

It’s no wonder: the coffee is delicious, and Ganim and Sealy run a value-driven operation.

They only use fair-trade, small-batch beans that support small farms operated by women. Their bags and cups are compostable, and their inks are water-based. They also recycle their coffee grounds to maximize environmental benefits from operations.  

Their newest “I.CARE Blend” has one additional benefit — it raises money for its namesake, the newest coral restoration organization in the Keys, one focused specifically on restoring the reefs in Islamorada.

“The blend is on the sweet side, with low acid and notes of caramel, syrup and tropical fruits,” said Ganim.

“It’s a mixture of beans from Honduras, Bali and Costa Rica, together,” the coffee roaster added. “Those are the single-origin beans we carry that are dive destinations, so we created a blend that reflects our love of the oceans and the reefs.”

The brew is “a little dark, a little murky, which is a diver trait, and it’s good,” according to Ganim.

Sealy noted that while Ganim is a diver, she loves pretty places and pretty beaches, and that none of that could be possible without healthy reefs.

“The reefs are in hella trouble,” Sealy said. 

“Yes, lots of trouble,” agreed Ganim. “They’re the most diverse ecosystem on the planet. We need things in the water to survive for us to have a better chance.”

The caffeinated couple decided to do their part to restore reefs by highlighting I.CARE and donating $10 a bag (from a $25 1-pound bag of “I.CARE Blend” beans) to their cause.

“This is an impact we can have where we know it makes a difference,” said Ganim. “They’re not MOTE or NOAA. They’re a brand new organization, and they need the money. They need to get started.”

Sealy said customers who buy the benefit bags — which come with an I.CARE sticker and informational packet — have been a healthy mix of divers, coffee snobs, coral conservationists and fans of Islamorada. The couple’s clientele find the cause an “easy sell” and are eager to help.

I.CARE will focus its citizen-science coral restoration efforts on Cheeca Rocks, a prominent reef near Islamorada and one of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) seven “iconic reefs.”

Ganim added, “It’s in Islamorada specifically, and that’s our home. It’s right here. It’s our people taking action. We’re all about that.”

The I.CARE Blend will be available through Islamorada Coffee Roaster’s website or retail partners around the Upper Keys. Delivery for locals is free Key Largo to Key West.