Charlotte MacEachern, freshman at Coral Shores High School, served as a messenger for state Rep. Jim Mooney during the Florida House session from Feb. 19-23. In addition to serving the Legislature, messengers like MacEachern engage in civic activities which model the legislative process, such as bill drafting, mock committees and a mock session. Joining MacEachern in Tallahassee were her grandparents and mom.

Charlotte MacEachern’s mom and grandparents took the opportunity while they were in Tallahassee to visit state Rep. Jim Mooney. They also presented Mooney with a Coral Shores High School Tennis hat (Charlotte is a member of the tennis team). Pictured from left are Col. William A. McDonough, retired U.S. Army; Whitney MacEachern, Charlotte’s mom; Mooney; and Maureen L. McDonough, retired college professor.