Words hold power, though that may be difficult to remember when we look at the frivolous way people communicate in comment sections nowadays. Despite the willy-nilly word tossing, the ideas they communicate are still sacred and deserve reverence. The cosmic wordsmith, Mercury, is squaring off with the primal power of Pluto right now. Expect battles of words and obsessive thoughts, but remember you can choose whether to humor such intrusive events in your life. Words can be tools for growth and understanding rather than weapons of control. A higher vibration of a Mercury-Pluto square can emerge as powerful dialogue, a metamorphosis of ideas, deep thinking and cognitive transformation. Let your mind be open to the truths that exist beneath the surface of everyday reality, and fend off the inevitable power struggles. So, take your words and thoughts seriously, but not too seriously. That’s the cosmic wink. Think back to themes in your life from early February for a hint of how this transit might affect you.

Here are your horoscopes for the Mercury-Pluto square. Read for your rising and sun signs.


April 20 – May 20

While you are being empowered at work and starting a new journey with your public reputation, the way you think about yourself might be challenged by this new workflow. How do you integrate the personal “you” with the work “you”? Try to avoid conflicts by thinking through how you can perform professionally and still be yourself. Performance can enhance rather than hide.


May 21 – June 21

There is a vast new terrain opening up for you in the years to come, and you can probably feel what it looks like, even if you can’t quite see it yet. While you know there are new skills to learn and people and places that need to be left behind, you can do it. That inner voice telling you you can’t is not healthy. Ask that voice to help as a critical eye rather than hinder as an inner critic.


June 22 – July 22

You’ve been formulating a powerful plan to collaborate and invest in a shared mission with other people. You will need others to throw in their money, energy and resources for this project to be successful. You may be hearing some friends challenging your plans. Don’t take these critiques as a stop sign; rather, let them help you reformulate. Fine-tune and keep moving.


July 23 – Aug. 22

Have you been thinking through a powerful new conception of love and relationship? Perhaps you’ve been diving into some deep conversations with a partner since February. Your intimate relationship and public reputation may feel as if they are at odds right now, and you’re thinking about how to maintain your public persona. Find a way to communicate honestly while also protecting privacy.


Aug. 23 – Sept. 22  

Our minds need to be maintained just like our bodies. You’ve entered into a new, powerful mental exercise regimen, like reading every day, playing a mind-games app, or learning a new language. You are probably coming across a new idea that would take time away from your new routine. Do you have capacity for both? Prioritize your routine, but flirt with new thoughts.


Sept. 23 – Oct. 23 

What’s stirring in your creative center? A new project has entered into the deep recesses of your mind, and you are well on your way to bringing that project into the world. Right now, you are probably having a little struggle thinking about obligations and investments you have with other people. Give your creative spirit its due. Your responsibilities aren’t going anywhere.


Oct. 24 – Nov. 21

Deep reflections on home and family are most likely taking place in your psyche. What is home? How do we define and enact family? It appears a relationship with an important partner is bringing these thoughts up in a particular way, and this might feel like a challenge. Challenges bring growth, however, so address this conversation head-on. 


Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

You have power in your community, and you have a voice that people respond to. How are you using the impact of your communication to lead with intention? It might feel as if you’re caught in a cycle of saying the same things over and over again, diluting your impact. However, repetition sometimes brings new understandings, so stay the course.


Dec. 22 – Jan. 19

Financial and material security are not pipe dreams. All it takes to achieve them is a powerful idea. I imagine you are working out one of those ideas right now, but it looks as if your mind is being drawn into creative projects that are more inspiring than practical. There is a way to combine these two impulses. Be patient and let the solution come to you.


Jan. 20 – Feb. 18

You are a powerful and impactful being, Aquarius. While you might feel like you are on the outside looking in, you make waves. You only have so much control over the effect of your ripples, but you can influence their creation. Own your power. While your mind might be turning to themes of home and family in a way that may be destabilizing, stand on your own two feet.


Feb. 19 – March 20

You are on a deep psychological or spiritual exploration. Something was sparked back in February, and you are bringing light into parts of your subconscious that have been hidden. There is no end to what lies beneath, but continue your research and get to know yourself better. Your mind might seek respite in more familiar themes right now. Take a breath and dive back in.


March 21 – April 19

Being social and spending time with people who support you can either be a distraction from what’s important or it could be exactly what you need. Right now, it looks like the latter. Your mind may be questioning whether or not you should be spending more time making money and solidifying your material needs, but don’t let your friends take a back seat.