The party’s over. Put your clothes back on and give us back our parking spaces. But seriously, everyone, thanks for coming, and we hope everyone enjoyed – and survived — another Fantasy Fest.

Top 10 signs Fantasy Fest is over

10. You showed up for work for the first time in a week without smelling like the new poster child for Tito’s Vodka.

9. You are having strange dreams about Henrik Olsson’s costumes, and you’re not sure if they are sexy or scary … or both.

8. The countdown begins anew ‑ just 364 days until #badnaked returns.

7. You’ve spent this week searching a disturbing array of Facebook pages for any leads on your wallet, bike, phone and dignity.

6. You decided to come clean and tell your boss that you didn’t miss work last week because your fairy grandmother passed. (Even though Nick Doll posted 40 pictures of you all over town.)

5. You can stop averting your eyes during encounters with your 78-year-old neighbor, who retired the sequined G-string for another year … hopefully.

4. Your dog stopped pooping colored beads.

3. Your pain-in-the-ass houseguests from Marathon finally went home.

2. Couples across the country are returning home and seeking the best therapist and/or divorce lawyer.

  1. Facebook is no longer sending you content warnings.

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