March 30 concert injects a dose of high-spirited entertainment into the Keys

From left, Plantation Key School students Kayla Serota, 14, Maddie Hull, 13, are Keys Kids who created the Keys Kids Entertainment Group with Abbi Parker and other friends. CONTRIBUTED

The Florida Keys, known for their laid-back charm and scenic beauty, are about to experience a fresh surge of youthful enthusiasm and cultural engagement, thanks to the Keys Kids Entertainment Group (KKEG). 

Behind this newfound energy are Maddie Hull and Abbi Parker, two eighth graders who are bringing their vision for community-based entertainment to life.

KKEG’s origin story is rooted in the adage: Necessity is the mother of invention. The two took it upon themselves to invent their own fun. Or, as Parker put it, “We decided to do something about having nothing to do.”  

“The Keys are beautiful, but for us kids, the options are either sports, or boating, or, well, more boating,” Maddie added. 

To rectify the situation, with the guidance of entrepreneurial parents, the girls started their own production company, Rae and Grey Productions, LLC, combining each of their middle names as the business moniker. Recognizing that the more, the merrier, the girls then rallied friends to their cause and launched The Keys Kids Entertainment Group on social media. Their tagline is clever and embodies the spirit of the group:  Doing our part — one party at a time.

Their efforts cultivated a team of equally passionate PKS friends, each with their own unique skills. Kayla Serota, the vice president of communications, has helped write copy for social media. Tess Hill, vice president of sales, has helped form partnerships and enlist sponsors, including Divers Direct. The girls explain, no fewer than eight friends have stepped up to help in various ways.

And they plan to start with a bang right out of the gate. The group’s upcoming event, “Countdown to Summer Party” concert, is more than just a showcase of the local youth’s talents; it is a harbinger of the potential for regular, engaging events in the Keys.

Headlining the event is Jacob and The Dazey Chain, the band of a Fort Lauderdale kid turned Nashville rocker. Jacob’s alt-rock pedigree and earnest lyrics strike a chord with the young and the young-at-heart alike. The band’s authenticity and raw energy are a perfect fit for KKEG’s debut event, echoing the grassroots spirit of the enterprise.  

“Jacob’s music, it’s like a bridge between generations,” Hull said. “It’s got that classic rock vibe that our parents dig, but there’s something fresh about it that speaks to us, too.”

Opening for Jacob and The Dazey Chain, is Islamorada’s own The Blank Stares, a group of promising young students from the Island Music School.

The community’s embrace of KKEG’s efforts is a strong indicator of the initiative’s resonance with the local ethos. 


Contributions from established businesses have been crucial in getting the initiative off the ground, with key players in the local scene providing support that goes beyond just sponsorships — it’s an investment in the youth and future of the Keys.

With aspirations to host a series of concerts and other events throughout the year, KKEG is poised to become a cultural cornerstone for the Keys’ younger residents. Their call for community involvement goes beyond mere attendance; it’s an invitation to be part of a movement that values creativity, connection and the collective effort to enhance the local entertainment landscape.

The “Countdown to Summer Party” promises to be an electrifying start for KKEG, a signal to the community that the future is bright, and it’s being shaped by the determination and creativity of its youth. The event will take place at the iconic Bud n’ Mary’s Marina, creating the perfect backdrop for an evening where music and community spirit are set to thrive.

For those looking to experience the burgeoning cultural scene in the Keys, attend the event on Saturday, March 30 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. and see firsthand the transformative power of youth-led initiative and ambition.

To learn more about KKEG, get involved, or show support, visit their Facebook page at Keys Kids Entertainment Group, and consider making a contribution through their Eventbrite page to fuel future endeavors.