a woman lifting a barbell in a gym
Marathon’s Cassie Brezil hoists a barbell. DOUG FINGER/Keys Weekly

Some of the Keys’ strongest women went toe-to-toe on Nov. 30 as all three high school girls weightlifting teams met in Tavernier. In the traditional division, which combines each individual’s top lifts in the bench press and clean and jerk, Marathon came in first, with Key West claiming second and Coral Shores third. Marathon was also first in the Olympic division, which pairs the clean and jerk with the snatch lift, with Coral Shores coming in second and Key West taking third place. The Lady Fins also had the top three overall lifters of the meet, calculated with a formula that takes into account an athlete’s body weight along with her best attempts at each lift. Allie Brabenec, Mikkel Ross and Justice Lee took first through third place, respectively. All three teams are working toward big gains at districts this season, scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 28, 2023.


101 Traditional101 Olympic
1Ella DunnMHS1401Ella DunnMHS130
2Valentina RizzoCSHS1202Valentina RizzoCSHS100
110 Traditional110 Olympic
1Allie BrabenecMHS2301Allie BrabenecMHS200
2Savannah ChadicKWHS2202Savannah ChadicKWHS165
3Danna CorreaKWHS1853Danna CorreaKWHS180
119 Traditional119 Olympic
1Valerie TheneKWHS2451Valerie TheneKWHS220
2Ella HallKWHS2352Ella HallKWHS190
3Larissa PrietoMHS2003Sierra EarnhardtMHS175
129 Traditional129 Olympic
1Mikkel RossMHS2301Mikkel RossMHS200
2Abigail CowenKWHS2152Kali GormerCSHS155
3Cami WrinnMHS1703Cami WrinnMHS155
139 Traditional139 Olympic
1Rodemaelle CineusKWHS2051Lily HitchcockCSHS190
2Lily HitchcockCSHS2002Alexa CondellaKWHS170
3Malena RocafortMHS1953Malena RocafortMHS150
154 Traditional154 Olympic
1Dazmine JenkinsKWHS2351Dazmine JenkinsKWHS215
2Nicole MerrymanMHS2302Nicole MerrymanMHS200
3Cassie BrezilMHS2153Cassie BrezilMHS185
169 Traditional169 Olympic
1Jennille AriasCSHS2201Jennille AriasCSHS185
2Samantha VentimigliaKWHS2152Kaylee MatasKWHS140
3Kaylee MatasKWHS1603Shayla LopezMHS130
183 Traditional183 Olympic
1Justice Lee MHS2651Justice Lee MHS240
2Sabrina SchofieldMHS2202Sabrina SchofieldMHS195
3Angelina BelloCSHS2153Angelina BelloCSHS170
199 Traditional199 Olympic
1Aleksandra TurekKWHS2051Aleksandra TurekKWHS185
2Emily BrownCSHS1552Olivia WilsonCSHS125
3Olivia WilsonCSHS1303Emily BrownCSHS125
Unlimited TraditionalUnlimited Olympic
1Sydney EysenbachCSHS2651Sydney EysenbachCSHS230
2Mica CamaKWHS2202Vanessa GabrielCSHS175
3Ember LovingCSHS2103Ember LovingCSHS165
1st: MHS (79), 2nd: KW (71), 3rd: CSHS (51)1st: MHS (82), 2nd: CSHS (64), 3rd: KW (45)
Tracy McDonald
Tracy McDonald fled to the Keys from the frozen mountains of Pennsylvania hours after graduating from college and never looked back. She is a second generation coach and educator, and has taught in the public school system for over 25 years. She and her husband met at a beginning teacher meeting in 1997 and have three children born and raised in Monroe County. In her free time, McDonald loves flea markets, historical fiction and long runs in the heat.