Each year, the senior class votes for its superlative candidates, or students who are the “most” — friendly, ambitious, etc. These awards were recognized in the 2021 MHS yearbook, “Unscripted,” and reprinted here with the help of Tracy McDonald and thanks of the Marathon Weekly Newspaper. 

Most Artistic 
Celine Ponzoa & Kevin Mercado

Most Likely to Succeed
Mary Ryder & Owen Pitchford

Most School Spirit
Alliyah Matie-Adams & Erick Clark

Rachel Matthis & Miguel Avena

Most Talkative
Carley Childress & Anthony Machado

Most Likely to Be a Millionaire
Katerina Nikiforova & Patrick Daniher

Most Likely to Be Famous
Isabella Kingsley & Erick Clark

Most Photogenic
Isabella Pis & Jimmy Gimeranes

Most Athletic
Allison Paskiewicz & Miguel Avena

Class Clown
Isabella Kingsley & Anthony Machado

Best Dressed
Jennifer Nieda & Patrick Daniher

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