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The former councilman and mayor who served three terms on the dais sees Marathon at a critical juncture in regards to growth and says he has the time and experience to steer the city through the next boom.

“As hard as I worked for the infrastructure improvements in the past few years, I am concerned about the future development of this city,” he told the Weekly.

“We do not need speculative development. We need investors. People who will build a business, run it and make Marathon their home.”

First elected in 2007, Cinque hitchhiked to Marathon more than 40 years ago. He founded and ran a number of businesses and still has a controlling interest in the Stuffed Pig Restaurant.

In his nearly seven years on the dais, he is most proud of the new Grassy Key Fire Station, installation of the centralized wastewater system and the completion of the city’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Land Development Regulations.

“The Comp Plan and LDRs protect property rights by allowing non-conforming property to redevelop on a case by case basis. It also protects our fragile environment for future generations.”

Looking back, he said he wished he would secured a stronger commitment from Tallahassee in regards to wastewater funding as Governor Scott has clearly indicated that any future wastewater funding could not be used for debt relief.

Cinque said he would work to move additional wastewater funding to other infrastructure projects. His other campaign issues will include construction of city hall and beautification.

Cinque is the latest to join a crowded field of candidates that included Eric Myrmel, Bill Kelly, “Doc” Dan Zieg, Trish Hintze and incumbent councilman Chris Bull.

The filing period for Marathon City Council ends Monday, August 12 at noon.


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  1. The highlight of Mike Cinque’s reign was his pig ordinance! How come that wasn’t mentioned?

  2. Says the guy funding the local ambulance chaser suing Mr Cinque. At least Mike run’s for office instead of funding a know-nothing, law breaking councilman to do his dirty work like running the City Manager out of town so he can have his cousin put back in a job he is unqualified to do. Why do we even need a $6 million City Hall when all the business of the city is decided in the Schmidts’ living room and rubber stamped by his very own lap dogs at the Keynoter.

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