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The nation is in a state of crisis not seen since – well, ever. Elected officials are working around the clock with healthcare specialists and economists to control the situation as best they can, but an ever-changing situation has posed more questions than answers. From a federal, state and local level, are wondering what are the…..

Top Ten Signs Elected Leadership is Losing Control of the Situation 

10) They attempted to shut down Sesame Street. 

9) The same people accusing Trump of being an Oligarch have now requested their title be changed to “ Supreme Empress.”  

8) A Magic 8 ball is visible in all press conferences.  

7) Facial ticks.

6) They want to ban Netflix if 10 or more people are watching the same movie across the Keys. 

5) They have pledged to deliver two rubber chickens to every household.  

4) Every public announcement concludes with “Let’s get ready to rummmmmmble!”

3) They are looking to China for answers.  

2) They keep referring to COVID-19 as “the ‘eyetis.”

1) They are communicating with the press with smoke signals and Etch-a-Sketch drawings.


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