10) Your husband, who fishes for a living, knows exactly how long it takes for an ACL to heal.

9) Your kids can’t name the United States Vice President, but can identify Todd Gurley’s backup.

8) Player research and scouting has replaced fishing and drinking on your profile. 

7) Your husband has put more time into preparing for the live draft than he did getting the house ready for Hurricane Irma.

6) Miami Dolphin fans still have something to look forward to on Sundays.

5) Your kid forgets to pick up the dog poop and you put him on waivers.

4) Your co-workers are tailgating at their computers.

3) You are more worried about when Julio Jones will show up to camp than when your insurance adjuster will show up at your house.

2) Your wife uses Facebook to complain about your lackadaisical housekeeping practices, which prompts a call from your league’s commissioner.

1) LeBron who?

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