Peaceful march for human rights

Rhetoric was the catchphrase last political season and many politicians relied on negative and insulting speech as a means to an end. There was a noticeable lack of manners among  politicians, the media and the general public. It was a war of words where no one was left unscathed or unmocked.

In order to heal the political wounds, women from around the nation are coming together post-Inauguration to reaffirm the American ideal of equal rights for everyone regardless of race, color, gender, religion or sexual orientation. On Jan. 21, a national Women’s March will take place in Washington, D.C., as well as “sister” marches around the country, including in Key West. Five hundred to 1,000 locals are expected to walk down Duval Street starting at 2 p.m. from Southernmost Beach, conveying the message that women, as well as all Americans, are not just political fodder but maintain the same inalienable rights as every citizen.

“This is not an ‘anti’ (Donald) Trump rally or protest. This is 100 percent about acknowledging, in a peaceful way, women’s rights and human rights in general,” said  organizer Jamie Mattingly. “While free speech is allowed, we would like to discourage negativity from hecklers or protest signs from anyone. Everyone is invited as long as they support, peacefully, human rights.”

A committee of more than a dozen women who couldn’t travel to Washington gathered with Mattingly to help organize the local event.

“I was a part of the take-a-stand baby boomer generation that fought hard for the legislation we have today,” said organizer Linda Cunningham, “And it is a joy to see the younger generation stepping forward to preserve and protect the laws that are fundamental to our democracy. They understand legislation can be taken away.” For Cunningham, the march is about looking forward and being proactive and the desire to leave the political mudslinging behind.

“The community is really coming together for this and we are so appreciative,” re-stated Mattingly.  They credit Officer Steve Torrence for providing support from the city,

while Wonderdog Productions donated 100 percent time and design for posters and t-shirts. The overall goal of the march is to show the new administration that social injustice will not be tolerated and that Americans are united.

For more information about the march, go to or, on Facebook, Women’s March on Duval.

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Women’s March On Duval Jan. 21 starting at 2 pm 1400 block Duval Street ending at Mallory Square.

We may be divided as a country but we don’t have to be as a city.” –Jamie Mattingly, organizer of The Women’s Marc

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