Sheriff says keep your dive, fishing gear safe

Sheriff says keep your dive, fishing gear safe

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission officer Bobby Dube, left, shows a young visitor to the Florida Keys the proper method to measure a Florida lobster Monday, July 25, 2011, at a Lobster Mini-Season Information Booth that has been established at mile marker 106 in Key Largo, by the FWC and Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The booth is to be open until 7 p.m., Tuesday. Lobster mini-season begins at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday and ends at midnight, Thursday. Photo by Andy Newman/Florida Keys News Bureau

Monroe County – Sheriff Bob Peryam wants to remind people who plan to go diving for lobster Wednesday and Thursday to be careful to keep your fishing, dive and snorkel gear secure.

“During the two day sport lobster season, we always see an increase in the theft of dive and snorkel gear,” said Sheriff Peryam. “People leave their gear on the dock, or on the seawall or under their stilt house to dry and someone walks off with it. It is a simple crime to prevent – secure your gear right away when you get off the boat. Also, don’t leave gear or electronics on your boat at the end of the day. Take it with you and put it somewhere secure.”

In addition, there are usually reports during the season of vehicle burglaries near bridge approaches and at boat ramps. Make sure you don’t leave purses or valuables visible in your car. Lock them in the trunk or glove box, or remove them from the car entirely. And, don’t forget to lock your car when you leave it.

Otherwise, Sheriff Peryam would like to remind people to follow the rules and have a good time.

“We will have all our boats and jet skis out on the water during the sport lobster season. We’ll also have officers at all area boat ramps during the two day season. We have no desire to ruin anyone’s day with a criminal charge for short lobsters or a citation for lack of safety equipment,” he said. “That’s why everyone should know the rules in advance, and make sure they are properly equipped for their days on the water. Make this a safe and legal visit to the Keys and we welcome everyone to our beautiful county and hope you have a terrific time.”

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