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Sharp, quick-witted, dedicated — those are easy words to describe Kathy Gilmour, operations manager of Lazy Dog, board member of the Key West Tri Club and aquatics coach and training chairperson of the Monroe County Special Olympics. A former North Shore New Englander who worked as a whale biologist for 12 years in Gloucester and Boston, Gilmour knows how to be tough but also enjoy life. She discovered Key West while delivering boats such as the Yankee Freedom for winter use in Key West. Eventually Gilmour (and the boats) stayed for good. As she said, “I’m like a plant. I need to be outdoors in the sun.”

It is ironic that Gilmour helps run a company with the heading “lazy” because it is not a word to describe her. Gilmour trains six days a week for sprint triathalons and has completed 22 of them. Here’s the thing, she usually comes in last. “I participate in them,” she laughs, saying she studiously avoids the term “race.” To keep herself motivated and accountable, Gilmour started a blog, www.diaryofafatathlete, which she calls “my journey from fat to slightly less fat.” Hanging out with Iron men and women doesn’t phase her (“I operate my whole life on awkward,” she quips). But what she might call awkward, others would call inspirational.

Here’s what makes Gilmour truly special, 12 weeks out of the year, she trains 15 Special Olympic swimmers, ages 14-58, to compete. She is their coach, their mentor and helps them race at the county, area and state level. Coaching Special Olympics takes toughness, takes humor and takes dedication. In her own right, Gilmour is an Iron woman — not just participating, but winning.

Twenty Questions:

  1. Full Name? Her Majesty Katherine Marie Gilmour.

2. Worst nickname? Bruce (family nickname relating to my notorious lack of coordination. Which was funny and good hearted). Not gonna tell you the one I got called in middle school. Kids are great.

3. Name one famous person you would bring back to life, why? Matt Lauer.

4. If you could remove one person from any media contact, who would it be? Any celebrity in Hollywood.

5. Who is your celebrity crush and why? David Beckham. His views on geopolitics are ground breaking. Or, he’s super hot.

6. What is your pet peeve? Narcissism. But let’s keep this about me.

7. What’s the funniest thing that happened at work here in Key West? Just the questions we get asked on a daily basis.

8. Which TV character is your alter ego? Kelly Taylor (“90210”)

9. What is your nerdiest passion? Harry Potter.

10. What is one thing that always, always makes you happy? My dog.

11.What was your first thought this morning? “Ouch, I’m too old.”

12. Favorite guilty pleasure? I feely guilty about nothing that gives me pleasure. Which makes me feel a little guilty.

13. Best/ funniest Key West sighting or encounter you’ve ever had? Seeing Hulk Hogan on a scooter.

14. Worst job you ever had? Gap Girl.

15. If you could change someone’s opinion, what would it be? Different opinions make the world more interesting. Unless they’re wrong.

Finish these sentences..

16. Living in Key West… is something I never ever thought I’d do.

17. My autobiography would be titled … “Why Did I Eat That? Brought to you by Pepcid”

18. Helping others … has made me a better person. Dammit.

19. When I go, I will go …. saying ”I still think that was a good idea.”

20. Who would you have your last meal with? Han Solo.

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