charged with forcing her way into her mother’s house and attacking her

Neighbors who lives on Avenue E heard someone screaming for help at about 9:20 pm. Wednesday. When they stepped outside to look, they saw 25 year old Jessica Calitri violently slamming and kicking the door of her mother’s house trying to get in. Calitri’s step-father was trying to get her to stop, and to leave the property. They called 911 for help.

When Deputy Chris Fraser arrived, he separated all the parties involved in the dispute, then spoke to each of them about what happened. The victim told him she is taking care of Calitri’s two children. She said Calitri showed up demanding to see them and became enraged when her mother told her one of them was not home.

Calitri began arguing with her, then the argument became physical with Calitri forcing her way into the house and attacking her mother. The step-father attempted to intervene and finally managed to get Calitri out of the house.

Calitri was arrested. She was charged with burglary with battery on the occupant, and with a separate count of battery. She was taken to jail.

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