Celine Ponzoa

Celine Ponzoa
#1 – Senior

What do you enjoy about volleyball ? I am a left and right side hitter, so when I get the opportunity to hit, I love the adrenaline it gives me. The rush of getting a total kill against our opponent not only gasses me up, but the whole team! 

How long have you been playing volleyball? I’ve been playing volleyball since sixth grade. I worked hard, and loved to play with my teammates, so I continued playing. In 10th grade I was moved up to the varsity team. I’ve had a lot of fun getting to know all of my teammates and advance my skills. I am super upset to be graduating off the team this year. 

Describe one of your best volleyball moments. We have had a lot of great team moments. We may not have always won, but we worked hard to win, and when we would win, the team really came together and had the best time. A personal achievement was in a game against one of the most difficult teams in conference, Palmer. I went up against one of their best hitters, blocked it and got our team the point. 

Coach Freeman says… “Smile, Celine!” It’s easy to get discouraged when you aren’t playing your best, or when you are losing, so Freeman likes to remind me and other players to smile more. When he yells across the court to smile, it reminds me why I am even playing to begin with … to have fun. 

Golf team is swinging into districts

Despite Marathon High School’s late start to the golf season, the team has done a phenomenal job. On Oct. 6, Marathon golfers took two of the top three scores against Key West. Sophomores Fisher Coleman-Sayer scored a 44 and Billy Martin followed with a 56 for third place. On Oct. 8, the young athletes had a second successful match. Megan Gross took first place for the girls and Coleman-Sayer took gold for the boys.

The middle schoolers showed impressive promise with a score of 38. 

Coach Tyler Wright said his team works hard, has been playing well and is rounding into shape just in time for districts in Miami on Oct. 13 (no results at presstime). Coleman-Sayer, Chase Taylor and Billy Martin have all qualified and will be attending. As for the rest of the team, expect strong showings throughout the remainder of the season from Megan Gross, Tanner Ross, Seth Baron, and Cullen Coleman-Sayer. 

“We are small but we are mighty!” said Martin. 

Fisher Coleman-Sayer said, “We are all appreciative of the time and effort that Coach Wright has put into the team; we’ve gotten so far because of him.” He and Martin also acknowledged MHS’ athletic director Lance Martin for arranging all of their matches and making the 2020 season possible.

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