Marathon resident John Kissick calls himself an average, hard-working citizen without political ties or “cronies to answer to.”

The business owner qualified Aug. 10 to run for the council and said “the timing is perfect for someone like me.”

Kissick, a Detroit native, graduated from Northwood University in 1988 with a business management degree and is the 10-year owner of Fazoli Brothers Inc., a swimming pool building business. He’s lived in Marathon for 13 years and is running against three other candidates in the nonpartisan race for two seats. The most vote-getters win. 

“When I first moved to Marathon, I came as a real estate broker and managed a local office,” he said. “I came to help a college friend for a weekend and fell in love with Marathon. After that I never left.”

His top three issues are affordable/workforce housing, residual storm cleanup of canals and waterways, and Fishermen’s Hospital.

When it comes to a community pool, he’s in favor of it – being in the pool business and all. 

“I have had ideas for a community pool ever since I arrived in Marathon for the first time. I am definitely in favor of a community pool – not just a pool for the high school students but a for-profit mini water park. A splash pad at the beach would also be a great idea, whether or not a pool could be built,” he said. 

He believes the increase of rental properties has affected the affordable housing supply. 

“It has also driven the rental prices out of the affordable range. Either a cap or a higher fee for new license applications should be discussed,” he said. 

On the topic of Marathon’s new hospital taxing district, Kissick said in order to make sure it works, financial records should be studied annually to see where the proceeds are going. 

“The community will certainty voice their opinion on the subject. Maybe there can be other comment periods at meetings after each year,” he said. 

Kissick and his wife of 11 years, Angelika, have one son, Jack, 7, and a daughter, Whitney, 4.

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