a collage of three paintings of a woman

Stacie Krupa has been a professional artist since the age of 12, studying at the most prestigious art schools in America. She possesses a master’s in fine arts, painting, drawing, fibers and printmaking. 

“I always simply did fine art and people purchased them since I can remember, so I never thought I could not make it,” Krupa said. “Society tries to put doubt in young minds when a career is not as structured or ‘easy’ as others. 

“I never listened to what others’ opinions were,” she continued. “I just did what I loved and I believe that if you follow your talents and heart, the rest falls into place.” 

Krupa has formally trained as a master artist in every technique in drawing, painting and fibers.   From 1999 to 2018 — 19 years — she had a gallery in Islamorada. Her main gallery is currently in Naples, Florida and she is working on opening again in the Florida Keys.

“The passion for the creative play of materials has always been something that fascinates and fuels my positive and fun outlook on life,” Krupa said. “As an only child, animals and nature were my ‘playmates.’ They comforted and amused me with their unconditional love and natural beauty without pretense.   

“I create what I love,” Krupa continued. “I manipulate mixed media, I push, play, experiment with materials to make my fine art originals come alive with personality and character.”  

Krupa is a powerhouse of an artist. Listing her credentials would cover much more than this article is allowed. She was the artist featured in the Home & Garden Television (HGTV) dream home. The Upper Keys were lucky to have her gallery here, and when she left, it left a big hole in the arts community.  

Luckily, she is returning to the Upper Keys with an exhibition at Our Place in Paradise in Tavernier. The new exhibition features her collection, “2024 Love Wins.” The collection will help benefit the non-profit gallery. 

“I want the painting to warrant repeated viewings, so they evoke in the viewer feelings of fun, laughter, peace, joy, happiness, playfulness and sexiness,” she said. “All how I feel when I am creating my paintings. My paintings represent my personality.”  

Krupa’s art has a unique feel. It has traditional nautical features but in a modern style.  Although she is talented in many mediums, her main mediums are drawing and painting. She has painted numerous murals. Some of Krupa’s favorite artists are De Kooning, Gorky, Picasso, Van Gogh, O’Keefe and Marlene Dumas. 

A grand opening is set for Krupa’s “Love Wins Collection” solo exhibit on Friday, May 17 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the gallery, located at 88711 Overseas Highway. An open house on Saturday, May 18 will feature a talk with Krupa and a studio demonstration between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Light refreshments will be provided during the grand opening and open house. Krupa’s art show runs through June 3. 

See more of Krupa’s artwork at staciekrupa.com.

William DePaula
William DePaula is an artist, designer and gemologist who believes in the power of art. From his early childhood onward, he has never stopped drawing, painting and creating. He envisions a world in which beauty is as important as function, where culture and history are respected, and where nature is at once powerful and vulnerable. Infusing an essence of life in all his paintings, DePaula understands beauty is accessible to all. DePaula's art has been featured in select art museums around the world.