he Upper Keys Weekly is proud to partner with the Coral Shores athletic department to highlight this week’s “Canes Sports Standout.” Recipients are chosen on qualifications of academic excellence, academic standing and community involvement. We thank our future leaders and the CSHS Athletic Department for allowing us to share a little “Hurricane Pride.”


A senior, Hilson is closing out her high school athletic career with the lacrosse team — a sport she’s played for four years and calls her favorite, between her love for the team and the new friendships she’s made. After dancing her whole life, Hilson says she wanted to try a new sport like track and field. Her favorite moment in her sports career was sprinting back to the school from Old Road in the pouring rain. As for accomplishments, Hilson is set to attend High Point University, where she plans to participate in club sports like lacrosse, dance and cross country. She owes all her success to her mom Kim, dad Stephen, teacher Tracy Dobson, running coaches Herbert James and Gabriel Suarez and dance teacher Stephanie Zlockie. Hilson said her advice to younger athletes is “try to join as many sports as possible, even if you haven’t played that sport because you’ll learn so many life lessons.”

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