Michael Haskins

International jazz star Howard Alden visits Key West – He’s studied with the masters

Howard Alden has studied with some classic teachers of the jazz and blues world after teaching himself the guitar, and he has played and recorded with many others artists....

Adam Cooley brings ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ to TSKW

I have heard that Key West is known to have some pretty wild partiers and eccentric personalities so hopefully a show like “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” will be right up their alley.

Visiting aerial artist tells Alzheimer’s story

I don’t think I defy gravity, as much as I partner with it to tell a story. My work integrates circus arts with acting to create stories, text, and characters, which explore the rich interplay of imagination between air and ground.

Annie Miners is living the dream – Actress has a part in Barn’s ‘Bingo’ production

Why a trawler? “I didn’t think I could single-hand a sailboat,” she said. “I wanted to cruise and knew I’d be doing a lot of it alone, so a trawler with engines made sense to me.”

Chalk festival set for next week – Fans encouraged to watch the ‘process’

The imagination of Key West’s artist community may not be as broad as the Universe, but it’s large and diverse and comes in a close second in size and...

Gravy Flavored Kisses is a ‘head-on collision of blues and rock

The best description of our style has been “a head-on collision of blues and rock n’ roll.”