How do you balance the Upper Keys residents’ tourism fatigue — with more daytrippers and traffic jams — and the appetite for the tourist dollar in the Middle Keys and Key West?

District 2

Tommy Ryan

Tommy Ryan (D)
I don’t believe it’s only the Upper Keys that deals with tourism fatigue. Perhaps the TDC could use brick-and-mortar funds to address the issue, such as more bus service from mainland airports. The county and municipalities could join together to get a mass transit system working. Let’s look to others and see what worked.


Michelle Coldiron (R)

Michelle Coldiron

Tourism needs, traffic snarls and quality of life issues matter Keys-wide. Let’s form a Keys Sustainable Coalition with stakeholders from tourism, businesses, neighborhood associations and government. We’ll brainstorm solutions such as expanded mass transit or establishing ferries and area trolleys to reduce the number of cars on the road.

District 4

David Rice* (R)
Tourism fatigue can be expressed in terms of too many cars, too little highway.
Potential solutions are: 1. Placement of temporary housing for emergency relief workers. Many are commuting daily from Broward and Dade. 2. Greatly enhanced improvements in public transportation for both workers and tourists. 3. Place a toll on U.S.1.

Vicki Tashjian (No party)
This is a difficult issue that has increased over time. Explore options for mass transit and include positive advertising to get off the road. Another issue is the day-trippers that bring boats, especially in the Upper Keys. I think about this often. The over use damages the environment, but we do not want to restrict our own use.


* Incumbent
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