Canadian Science Reporter Interviews Whiteside

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Dr. Mark Whiteside, medical director at the Monroe County Health Department, prepares for an interview with Normand Grondin, science reporter with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Montreal, on Wednesday at the Gato building in Key West. Whiteside answered questions on dengue transmission and symptoms, Key West’s experience with the mosquito-borne illness and the Keys Action to Break the Cycle of Dengue partnership designed to encourage all residents of the island to play their part in eliminating standing water where mosquitoes like to breed. According to the Monroe CHD, Key West saw 27 confirmed cases of dengue in 2009 and 66 cases in 2010. As of Wednesday, the department reported no confirmed cases of the disease thus far in 2011. Grondin and his crew spent part of Wednesday with Florida Keys Mosquito Control officers, as well. The CBC story is scheduled to air in September. photo by Chris Tittel