Marathon City Hall

With polls open for the Marathon City Council election, Nov. 2, Keys Weekly checked in with the four candidates to allow them to address Marathon residents one final time. Early voting began on Monday, Oct. 18, and the top two vote-getters will win seats on next year’s council. For more information, call the supervisor of elections at 305-292-3416 or email [email protected]. Stay tuned to Keys Weekly and for full election coverage.

For this week’s question, we kept things nice and simple. The question: Why do you deserve Marathon’s vote in this year’s City Council election?

Answers are printed as submitted by the candidates.


I’m a top tier FIRM member, a hospital supporter, a chamber member, an investor and operator of significant workforce housing, a frequent volunteer at city and community events, and am passionate about our environment and Island life. I give back and am one of you.

The challenges and complexity of governing here have changed City Council seats from what were originally part-time to now full-time commitments. My opponents all have full-time jobs, and most just do not have the time to adequately serve Marathon.

An early retiree, I am willing, and will make the commitment to serve Marathon full time. As a year-round resident, and home owner here for over 25 years, our issues are well known to me.  I know how this place works. This job requires fiscal oversight and common sense. My education, character, qualifications, proven lengthy successful business career, and leadership abilities have prepared me to do this job and lead our City forward. Marathon is a business which needs successful business skills and leadership. Leadership Matters!

Luis Gonzalez


I believe everything in life you must work hard to attain. I don’t think anyone DESERVES anything at all that they don’t work hard to EARN. Deserves is defined as, “being worthy or entitled to,” and I do not believe I am entitled to a seat on the council. I believe that my 35 years of dedication and commitment to the betterment of our community, the City of Marathon, and you, the citizens, has EARNED me Marathon’s vote for my re-election to the Marathon City Council.

I am a DOer, not a SAYer. I have always prided myself on being part of the solution, not just talking about the problems. I have proven this in my first three years on City Council, and I will continue to do this when re-elected. It would be an honor to continue serving YOU, the citizens of Marathon for another three years.

Lynny Del Gazio


GREAT QUESTION…Not only am I a voice for the Marathon people but an active worker, partner and neighbor for many years. My longevity has seen the highs and lows through thriving tourism to destructive hurricanes and a pandemic. I’ve seen the growth and people leaving due to the growth. It’s not only about the connections I’ve made in the community it’s about developing and sustaining partnerships for the present and future. It’s my ability to listen to community ideas and take them to the city. I have no alliances or personal agenda my main concern is each and every community member. We need council members who act in the best interest of the residents and I pledge to continue working with that goal in mind. Whether it’s workforce housing, growth, outside funding, beautification projects ect. I will not just share your voice, I’ll roll up my sleeves and work side by side with my partners. Marathon should provide the best services, facilities and community possible for the people that live here. I will work tirelessly for the people of this amazing and unique community.

Trevor Wolfsy


I think it would be arrogant to say I “deserve” someone’s vote. I’d like to believe that the people who I’ve spoken with, and the people who have read about my ideas, will decide I’m the candidate that will represent them best.

I’ve been specific when talking about what I think this city needs. If voters want someone who sees the city and its challenges from a working person’s perspective, someone who wants a better quality of life in our neighborhoods, then I’m their guy.

Only two candidates in this race have any experience with the City Hall and staff procedures. One is a sitting councilman and the other is me. I sat on the City’s Code Enforcement Board. I learned from that experience. It helped form my core belief that the City of Marathon needs regular working folks in office, not developers or connected insiders.

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