Community cleanup targets area shoreline

A group of community residents team up with Shoreline Restoration Services, and founder Audrina Ennis, I.CARE and Coastal Waters Revitalization Inc., for a debris cleanup at a village preserve at MM 86, Islamorada on April 18. AUDRINA ENNIS/Contributed

A group of community residents teamed up with Shoreline Restoration Services, I.CARE and founders Mike Goldberg and Kylie Smith, as well as Coastal Waters Revitalization Inc. for a shoreline cleanup on the oceanside, off the Old Highway in Islamorada, on April 18.

A debris pickup to celebrate Earth Day, the group collected a ton of debris during the morning at the village preserve at MM 86. Buckets for the cleanup were provided by Islamorada Pool Company.

From left, Kylie Smith, of I.CARE; Audrina Ennis, Shoreline Restoration Services Inc. founder; and Mike Goldberg, of I.CARE and Key Dives. CONTRIBUTED

Audrina Ennis, of Shoreline Restoration Services who coordinated the event, has picked up trash in the community for the past six years. Her nonprofit in Shoreline Restoration Services started a little over a year ago. Cleanups take place every month. For more information, visit Shoreline Restoration Services’ Facebook page.

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