Key West High School’s senior class nominates five of their own to the 2023 Homecoming Court. From left, Detra Dor, Siena Wardlow, Yani Nodal, Daniella Barroso and Monaya Carey. MANDY MILES/Keys Weekly

Meet Key West High School’s 2023 Homecoming Court — Daniella Barroso, Monaya Carey, Detra Dor, Yani Nodal and Siena Wardlow.

In keeping with the Conch tradition, the senior class nominates five of its own to the court. 

The women are chosen based on their academics and extracurricular activities and service to the school and community.

All five members of this year’s court are leaders, all serving on the class’ executive board. Several of the girls also were elected to the schoolwide student council. 

They’re also drum majors and weightlifters, cheer captains, Conchettes and quartermasters in the marching band. And they’re leaders of service clubs too numerous to name.

“I think the differences among us reflects well on the school,” Daniella Barroso said.

“And look, some of us aren’t the typical-looking homecoming queen,” Detra Dor said. “I think that says a lot about us and the Class of 2024.”

Now that the senior class has narrowed the field of candidates to five, the whole school will vote on Oct. 25 to elect its homecoming queen. The winner will be announced during halftime at the Oct. 27 home football game, the last of the season. The women will be escorted onto the field by their fathers, or father figures. After the crowning, they’ll leave with their date.

Detra Dor, left, and her grandmother, Detra Fisher, both were members of the Key West High School Homecoming Court — exactly 50 years apart, Dor in 2023 and Fisher in 1973. MANDY MILES/Keys Weekly

“We don’t have a homecoming king,” the girls said. 

But first comes the parade on Oct. 23.

Topping off the week that’s synonymous with high school, the homecoming dance happens Oct. 28.

And while the homecoming celebration is a 73-year tradition at Key West High School, it’s also a family tradition for many multigenerational Conch families.

Detra Dor is following in her grandmother’s footsteps — exactly 50 years later.

Fisher was on the 1973 Homecoming Court.

“She was first runner-up,” Detra “DeDe” Dor said proudly, while Fisher recalled the dress her aunt, Georgiana Edwards, made for her, based on a design created by her classmate, Arnet Hayes.

“So much has changed since then, so much,” Fisher said, looking back at the high school from the trademark conch shell out front that towered above her.  “But some things are still the same. We still have the senior class pick the homecoming court and the whole school vote for the queen. But we didn’t have a parade back in my day. It was just the football game and the dance.

“But I’m so proud of Detra; she’s an amazing young woman.”

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