Brothers Gabriel, front, and Hayes del Cueto are the coolest little car washers you ever met. They were beyond excited to get a close look at a Model X Tesla, and the owner was obliging enough to open the doors for full effect.

On July 18, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputy Chris Aguanno hosted a car wash to benefit the Marathon campus of the FKSPCA animal shelter. Despite the stormy weather, many locals showed up to support the cause. Aguanno’s community commitment is part of his drive to serve as a law enforcement officer, he said. The event helped raise needed dollars for the nonprofit that has seen many of its events postponed due to COVID-19.

Deputy Aguanno, in the rear, washes the vehicle of FWC officer Alex Piekenbrock, pictured with Jennifer Showalter.
The washers advertised their services on the side of Overseas Highway in Marathon. Pictured are the Del Cueto boys, and Del Cueto sisters Eryka and Krystin along with Deputy Aguanno and the shelter’s Jennifer Showalter.
FKSPCA Marathon shelter director Tara McFarland, left, teams up to wash cars with event host Deputy Chris Aguanno.

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