This Week’s Dive Report

The conditions this past week were windy, windy and more windy. We had sustained winds of roughly 20-25 knots, which, unfortunately, kept all dive boats tied up to the docks. It’s always ‘Safety first’ when it comes to the water.

When the wind keeps us on dry land, what we do and what I recommend boat owners and divers also do, is take that opportunity to complete much-needed service and maintenance. That goes for both your boats and your dive gear. 

For your boats, go through your first aid kit and check to see if anything is missing. Also check your flares to ensure they aren’t expired. Check your life jackets. Do routine oil changes and engine checks. And end it with a good cleaning — a clean boat is a happy boat.  

With your dive gear, get your regulator serviced from a certified shop. Clean your BCD’s bladder and check your tanks’ VIP and hydro dates. Every tank needs an annual VIP and a hydrostatic test every five years.  Dive shops cannot legally fill tanks if these dates are expired.  

Next Week’s Dive Report

Phew! Now that all that maintenance is complete, you’ll be ready for this week because…

This week looks much better! The winds are subsiding all week, with the Memorial Day weekend looking nice and calm. It is a busy holiday weekend with lots of boaters, fishermen and divers on the water, so be aware and be careful. 

If you plan on going out for some snorkeling or diving, please be safe by following safe boating and diving practices. Always display a diver down flag when snorkeling or diving and make sure it is the proper size.

Now with your gear serviced, your boat tuned up and the weather finally cooperating, get out on the water and enjoy our beautiful backyard.

Conservation Update

This Saturday, Key Dives will be running the coral planting trips with I.CARE. Give them a call to join. 

Conservation Tip 

Being aware of your environment and considerate to other boaters and divers is a good way to ensure a safe and fun time out there on the ocean.


Corals weather the storm just like everything else. When conditions calm down, we will go out to monitor planting sites and reattach any planted corals that came loose. 

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Eric Billips is is the owner, captain and instructor at Islamorada Dive Center and Floridia Keys Dive Center. He specializes in scuba, rebreather, spearfishing and captaining in the Florida Keys