A puffer fish on Victory Reef. ISLAMORADA DIVE CENTER/Contributed


One of the favorite spots to dive in Islamorada per the crew is Victory Reef. Located about 5 miles off the shore, it’s part of the barrier reef and the depth is 40 to 100 feet. It’s a spur-and-groove coral system, meaning you have a spur of coral, then a groove of sand that resembles fingers. The top of the reef is 40 feet and it drops down, similar to a wall, to 100 feet.  One of the unique features at Victory is the size of the spurs. They are very large and distinct and create numerous cave-like overhangs. These overhangs are home to many critters like lionfish, grouper, lobster and even snook. The reef structure forms a “V” (V for victory) with the inside of the “V” being a large sand channel. In the sand channel we encounter sting rays, porgies, hog fish and sharks, among other critters. There are so many dive sites in our area and lots of “crew favorites.” Stay tuned for the next one.


Friday – 40% chance of showers, variable winds, around 5 knots, 1 foot seas
Saturday – 40% chance of showers, winds out of the northeast, around 5 knots, 1 foot seas
Sunday – 50% chance of showers, winds out of the east, around 10 knots, 1 foot seas

I.CARE will be planting at Islamorada Dive Center this Saturday.


Many dive sites in the Keys have mooring balls for you to moor too instead of dropping anchor.  But sites like Victory rely on dive boats and fishing boats to drop anchor in order to experience the site. So remember when the site requires you to drop your hook (anchor) always drop it in the sand close to the reef.

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Eric Billips is is the owner, captain and instructor at Islamorada Dive Center and Floridia Keys Dive Center. He specializes in scuba, rebreather, spearfishing and captaining in the Florida Keys