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When the Florida sun feels unbearable, slide into The Café on Southard Street in Key West for one of Fu’s signature, non-alcoholic fruit cocktails.

Every day the establishment prepares fresh fruit juices to create refreshing libations like the popular watermelon, cucumber and lime cooler. A fizzy concoction of sweet, cool and tart, the luminescent green drink is a lesson in edible art.

“The citrus enhances the fruit flavor,” says Fuad “Fu” Farhoud as he sticks a pineapple garnish into a bubbling 16-ounce pint.

The crew also ritualistically prepares fresh lemonade with mint and an assortment of tonics mixed with homemade syrups infused with fruit and vegetables.

The Café, home to one of premier vegetarian menus on planet Earth, also features fresh, local coconut water and homemade iced chai tea with pure maple syrup, ginger juice and freshly ground spices.

Locally owned and operated, it boasts one of the most eclectic craft beer selections on the island with brews like a blood-orange wheat and a bunch of gluten-free beers. Even their sodas are micro-brews and their wine cellar is stocked with unique grape juices that adhere to an organic and sustainable sensibility.

Founded 11 years ago by Jamille Cucci, the Café is open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. For more info or to place a delivery order call 305-296 5515 or surf over to www.thecafekw.com.

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