Fighting Conchs get Golden Football

Fighting Conchs get Golden Football - A clock sitting on top of a wooden table - KEY WEST HIGH SCHOOL
The Golden Super Bowl Football awarded in honor of George Mira’s history in the Super Bowl to the Key West High School.

Key West’s Mira brings home the trophy

On the eve of the Super Bowl, the national organization has recognized Key West High school in honor of its alumni George Mira and his participation in the NFL and the Super Bowl. As part of the nationwide Super Bowl 50 celebration, the NFL started the program to acknowledge schools and communities that have directly influenced Super Bowl history and impacted the game for the better. 

Being a Fighting Conch led Mira’s career to the NFL, The Miami Dolphins and the Super Bowl during the 1960s and 1970s. The varsity team and many alumni gathered to hear George Mira’s words of inspiration and humor, “We had a tremendous program. You have to think about if you want to go out on top or bottom, and the bottom stinks.” Joe Mira, his brother, echoed the same pride in Key West by saying, “As Conchs, we are all one family.”

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