A community took to the water to remember  the late Mike Forster on Oct. 23. Boats circled around the “Tiger” boat, which had Forster’s sister, Jo-Ann, family and Pastor Tony Hammon, on the bayside waters near Mangrove Mike’s Cafe. Sentiments were shared on Channel 71 by Jo-Ann, Hammon, Capt. Timmy Arce, state Rep. Jim Mooney and Jill Miranda-Baker. An ash spreading and flower throwing followed, and the ceremony concluded with a trip out to Toilet Seat Cut, where a seat created by William DePaula was seen. Forster passed away in early September after a battle with COVID-19. He served as Islamorada Councilman and most recently as Monroe County Commissioner representing District 5.

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Jim McCarthy believes in community reporting, giving back and life on the water. A workout fanatic, diver and a bogey-golfer, Jim loves chicken wings, Marvel movies and sports.