The Keys Weekly was most awesomely pranked on Wednesday when this billboard appeared on Sombrero Beach Road. The sign advertising Wal-mart “coming soon” listed the newspaper’s phone number at the bottom. The calls harassed and annoyed our switchboard operator and by that we mean our office manager Lynn Ritli who handled the situation with admirable aplomb.

“Hilarious,”’ she hissed.

The culprits – Mallory Morton, Michelle and Greg Coldiron ‘fessed up at the end of the day on Facebook: “Happy April Fools’ Day to Marathon’s Best Prankster Jason Koler and The Weekly Newspapers.”

We love this town. And dang it — M.M, M.C. and G.C. — you owe Lynn a drink!


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  1. Now I know how to get my picture published in your paper. What a great April fools prank. Hope Marathon lightens up a little bit and does not decide to write an anti-prank ordinance, after all, they don’t even seem to have the will to enforce the ones they got.

    Bruce Schmitt

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