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Having a special event? Any production, sale or event in the city of Marathon that is expected to attract more than 250 people needs a temporary use permit. Event organizers must submit an application 30 days before the event or risk rejection.

The following additional items are required with applications for temporary uses:

1. Statement of use and activities: A general statement of use including purpose of event, types of proposed activities, duration of use, hours of operation, anticipated attendance, security, and other information that may be required. A general site plan for the temporary use, including property boundaries, access to the site, location of tents or other temporary structures, location of proposed activities, parking, signs, temporary lighting, utilities, generators and other mechanical equipment, and setbacks of all structures, equipment, and activities from adjacent properties.

2. Hold harmless agreement: An executed hold harmless agreement, in a form approved by the city attorney and running in favor of the City of Marathon.

3. Sanitation and public health: Plans for sanitation and public health protection including temporary bathroom facilities, inspection of food facilities, drainage, and garbage and litter control, when applicable.

4. Public safety and emergency services: Plans for public safety and emergency services including security, traffic management, fire protection and EMS approved by the City of Marathon Fire Marshall.

5. Additional Information: Additional information and documentation as may be required, when applicable.

A temporary use permit will not be approved without a complete application.To apply online, please visit the city of Marathon’s permitting portal and click on the “planning and zoning” tab, then scroll down to “specia