A trip down memory lane can twist and turn in all different directions. The memories can be anything from good, bad, sad, or a “Wow! I can’t believe we did all that!,” or “No way! I can’t believe we did that!”

In this time-crunched reality that we all live in now, I doubt many people take the time to reflect on what they accomplished or learned.

As a writer who is soon to release my first book, “Confidence Mastery for Couples — Roadmap to a More Intimate Relationship” (March 9 on Amazon), I have been on a trip down memory lane. Have you heard of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, which used to be at Disney World? Another flashback. That’s how I felt as I was writing my book. 

When we moved to the Keys over 11 years ago, we were fresh-eyed and bushy-tailed, so to speak. We quickly learned that living here and being successful took a lot of trial and error, persistence and grit. We both were hard workers, but it was more challenging than we imagined. 

It’s not easy to live in the Keys, and I have always felt people who do not live here think it is easy. Housing is considered expensive, people come and go, and tourism is never a guarantee. Oh! And then toss in the wind, which can affect your business, especially if you are a fishing charter captain.

I have lost track of all the odd jobs and business ideas we have tried since we moved here. Maybe that’s a good thing? Once in a while, I get a reminder. I remember changing the coupon signs at Winn Dixie and Office Depot up and down the Keys to make some extra cash as I was building my sales business. It was a third-party marketing company, and I found the job in the paper, circa 2010. I wonder if that company even exists any more?

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”
— Dr. Seuss.

I also have lost track of all the people who have come and gone. Some people I liked and was bummed when they moved back north, to be closer to their families or find a better-paying job. I heard two years is the amount of time people stay on average. I believe it, but sometimes you also get a surprise when you hear someone you thought was “a lifer” is leaving. Then you may forget about the person when all of a sudden, Facebook reminds you! (Hmm … on second thought … not always sure if that’s a good thing.)

The biggest lesson is even though it was challenging and scary at times, we kept going. Somehow, it all works out. And that’s the mental disposition one must take to make it here or anywhere. 


Somehow it all works out. 

As you go back through your memory bank, think about how it worked out. Even if it seemed scary or sad at the time, I bet at least the majority worked out for the best. And long-term, even if you are still struggling, it may still work out for the best. You don’t know it yet and that’s what they call faith. You don’t have to be religious to have faith. Having faith is a human mindset anyone can acquire and apply. 

The definition of faith in Google is, “complete trust or confidence in someone or something.”  What’s fascinating is the more you trust, keep going, and see the results, the more faith and confidence you can build. If you rely on that faith, you can find peace and happiness which will lead you to your best life.

After my recent trip down memory lane, I changed the intro for my Good Karma Success Coach podcast to, “Every day isn’t sunshine and rainbows, but we are living our best lives.” I hope you can find that peace and happiness as well.


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