Marathon City Hall

In its largest election since incorporating as a city, the 2022 general election saw four open seats on the Marathon City Council filled. The new council undoubtedly has important issues to tackle over the next two years as it works in the spirit of progress for our city. While some are more pressing than others, we here at Keys Weekly offer our…

Top 10 Priorities for the New Marathon City Council

10) Send holiday gift baskets to the Department of Economic Opportunity.

9) Erect statues of Mike Puto, Ron DeSantis and Henry Flagler.

8) Extend the warranty for every single automobile in Marathon.

7) Designate Keys Fisheries’ Lobster Reuben as the “Official Sandwich of Marathon.”

6) Have a special call meeting to determine the date of a workshop to craft an RFP to create a vision plan for the redevelopment of the old Quay property. 

5) Promptly shelve the results.

4) Annex Duck Key

3) Send holiday gift baskets to the 3rd District Court of Appeals.

2) Build a pool. Or a splash pad. Or a pool.

  1. 1) Pass legislation that makes it easier for developers to turn the last few trailer parks into vacation rental villages.