Safety First! Residents need to be aware of their surroundings and make safety a priority. Medical services are limited. Field Hospital located behind City Hall

DEBRIS: Separate all Debris on the street. If household garbage is mixed in with debris it will not be collected and removal will be the responsibility of the home owner. DO NOT leave debris near your candy cane sewer vent.

SEWER: Do not remove your candy cane vent if it is damaged. This will aid crews in locating the pipe and restoring your sewer faster. No running water means no sewer.

WATER: Water is limited, if you have it conserve it.

POWER: Power remains secured to many neighborhoods. Crews are working fast, please be considerate and give them the space they need.

FOOD: The Red Cross is giving out hot meals, lunch and dinner at Marathon high school for those most in need. A Pod is also located there giving out water and shelf ready food. We will identify more locations as supplies are available.

GARBAGE: MGS is working on routine service, again ensure household trash IS NOT mixed with debris or it will not be picked up.

CITY HALL: City hall is not open for routine business, our limited staff is focused on managing our cities recovery efforts.

SCAMS: Unfortunately disaster brings unscrupulous people looking to take advantage. Only hire liscensed and insured contractors and ensure they work through the city. In days to come we will help get more information out to the public regarding work.

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