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From left, Matt Lunceford, Virginia Jones and their son, 9-month-old Noah. CONTRIBUTED

By Melinda Van Fleet

“Let’s go get a coffee” is not only a great social activity but also a delicious pick-me-up treat in Islamorada. And who doesn’t need a little caffeine kick after being on the water all day?

Day Drippin Coffee trailer is a new venue located at MM 82 by Take Two Food Truck and Islamorada Hemp Company (across from West Marine). Matt Lunceford and his girlfriend Virginia Jones are the new owners of this delicious “bougie” coffee trailer. This location is also easily accessible, walking or biking, from most of the resorts in Islamorada.

Lunceford, born in Mississippi and raised in the Alabama Gulf Shores area, moved to the Keys several years ago for a change of pace. Jones is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina. The couple met online and then in person in Daytona while she was working in Jacksonville. They have a son together, Noah, who is 9 months old.

“I went on vacation here in the Keys for my spring break and I remember saying, ‘Oh my God, I could live here,’” Jones said. “Never thought I would. Then I met Matt and here I am — life is funny that way.” 

“My two sisters had the coffee trailer in the Port Orange-Daytona area and were doing really well with it until my great niece, Aila, almost 3 years old, got sick with AML leukemia in October,” Lunceford said. “She needed stem cell treatment and full-time hospitalization. I was already talking to Patti (Lindback), and the spot was available to rent, so I was able to buy it from my sisters and move it down here.”

“We’ve settled in and are learning a lot,” Jones continued. “What’s important is that a percentage of the profits from Day Drippin Coffee go to Aila’s fight and the Advent Health Care Center for Children in Orlando.”

The recipes are all crafted by Lunceford’s sisters and use fair-trade and organic products. 

“When I was in between charters (Lunceford also owns Easy Keys Charters), I would go up to Port Orange and help them, so I learned about the different drinks,” he said. “My favorite is the Cats in the Cradle Frappe — vanilla bean with whipped cream and sprinkles.” (He has good taste, as that is this writer’s favorite, too). 

The menu is extensive, covering the coffee/tea/espresso basics but also offering a unique array of drinks such as frappes (Smooth Criminal is the best seller), lattes (Honey Lavender White Mocha Latte, Macha Green Tea Lattes are top picks), lotus plant-based energy drinks in eight flavors and cold brew. 

People can also get the cold brew pre-bottled, so you can easily buy it now and drink it later, which also makes it perfect for events and parties. The cold brew is also Patti Lindback’s favorite.

“It’s off the charts,” she said. 

Lindback, owner of Islamorada Hemp Company with her husband Brian Lindback, had been wanting to offer a unique coffee brand on the property since they opened Islamorada Hemp Company. They were talking to Lunceford about Day Drippin Coffee for over two years.

“Since the very beginning, I knew we wanted to offer coffee. People would approach us with ideas, and we would be like, ‘No, we are waiting on someone,’” Lindback said. 

Day Drippin Coffee also offers kid-friendly, caffeine-free drink options (one is a next-level lemonade drink called Shark Bite) and fresh baked goods (such as muffins, cookies and croissants) from Mari’s Bakery.

Day Drippin Coffee is partnering with Island Roasters Coffee Company in New Smyrna Beach, having a whole bean 1-pound bag option to take home as another option. Some choices are cold brew, espresso blend, Nicaraguan, and decaf espresso.

What does Lunceford like the best so far? “I enjoy building a business and interacting with the customers. It’s kind of like being a bartender in terms of slinging them a drink and having a conversation. People often get off of work and buy themselves a coffee drink.”

“One thing I like about the coffee trailer is that everyone is happy to be there, happy to get their caffeine fix, and I am happy to provide it,” Jones said. “My favorite drink is the Landslide, which is the mocha frappe.”

And the biggest surprise? Lunceford said the amount of business from social media and the support they have received.

Saturday, April 20, is their grand opening celebration. In light of Aila’s cancer fight, they are hosting a silent auction to help support Aila and her family. The community’s support for the prize donations is very generous and includes original artworks by well-known local artist Pasta Pantaleo, a three-night stay at Castaway Island Vacation Bungalow in Islamorada, merchandise from Sea La Vie Boutique, a gift basket from Availgear, Keys Deep Apparel gift basket and various charters donating fishing, kayaking and boating trips.

Visit for the silent auction until midnight on April 20. 

Day Dippin Coffee is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and weekends from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Visit @daydrippincoffee on Instagram and Facebook.

Melinda Van Fleet
Melinda Van Fleet is an Intuitive Energy Business & Leadership Mentor and the owner of Good Karma Sportfishing with her husband, Ryan Van Fleet. She is a speaker, bestselling author of "Confidence Mastery for Couples" and "Life & Love Lessons," and the host of the weekly podcast "The Success Codes Podcast." You can connect with her more at