Community shows support to cope with tragedy

We are not overlooking the tragedy that happened this past week, but this might be one of the greatest examples of how the Key West community comes together to support one another. Upon the loss of Horace O’Bryant Middle Schooler, baseball player and beloved friend and family member Jonathan Wells, there is light in all the darkness. The Florida State Baseball team came down and people closest to him to the people that never meant him to show support. Comments and stories multiplied on Facebook and social media about what a great young man Jonathan was. His spirit lives on.

“Missing you already buddy. I’m proud to have you bless my life with all your joy and love and that beautiful smile. I’ve said before and I’ll continue to say how for such a young boy like you to have as much love in your heart that you did is absolutely amazing. There are grown adults that don’t shown the amount of love for one another that you have shown. I’m going to carry your love and joy with me to pass on to other people the way you did. I’m going make you proud. You were a gift from God. I love you.”

  • Marc Palka

“Thank you for letting our Conch family love on you and pray for you! Our island has had a very difficult past few months, however the depth of love, strengthening of our faith and bonding to one another has been something that makes me proud to be a CONCH!”

  • Christine Perpall Rodriguez

“Today is a day of reflection and introspection. Today is a day for unity and community. Today is a day to embrace those that you love. Today is a day to come together as a city and pay our respects to the Wells family. Today is a day to be loyal and supportive. Today is a day to grieve and hopefully help by sharing their pain as we always do in Key West. Today is a day of respect as we lay Jonathan to rest. Today is a day to love one another! Today we are one.”

  • Commissioner Tony Yaniz

There is a GoFundMe to help his mother Denise and father Steve with any expenses that they have come across during their grieving and the loss of their youngest son Jonathan. The link is

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