Larry C. Schmiegel will serve as the next principal at Key West High School, according to Monroe County School District Superintendent Theresa Axford.  

Schmiegel currently serves as the principal of Poinciana Elementary School, and will take his new role beginning in the 2021-2022 school year.

He has led various pre-K through eighth-grade schools in Arizona, New York, and Key West, for the past 15 years. He earned his doctorate in executive leadership from St. John Fisher College, where he studied teachers’ perceptions of principal support. 

Schmiegel “is an advocate for students and puts them at the center of his decision-making,” Axford said.  “I know his management style will impact Key West High School in a positive way and will create a great atmosphere for success for students and staff.”

Schmiegel believes that with the power of relationships, significant learning occurs. He proved this throughout his tenure at Poinciana, where the school earned an A rating.  Focusing on the student experience for English learners and Exceptional Student Education programs in particular, Schmiegel cultivated a hands-on learning approach that supports the teachers, families and community of Key West. Under his leadership, Poinciana Elementary earned praise across the state for community and family engagement as well as learning gains. The school district said he recognizes the importance of the traditions of Key West High School and its importance to the community and is committed to engaging its stakeholders to reimagine schooling, post-pandemic, in a manner that re-engages students and accelerates their learning and overall well-being.

“The work ahead may be arduous and challenging at times,” he said, “but together with the phenomenal KWHS staff, we will create a collaborative, supportive learning environment where students are encouraged to reach past expectations to realize their own potential. The sky’s the limit.”

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