Author Tony Hammon writes to inspire believers to action in “On the Edge of Eden: A Story of a Beautiful Land and Beautiful People in the Midst of Brokenness.”

“We are educating educators, to train the next generation to be future leaders of their nation,” Hammon said. “Leaders of Ugandan churches, orphanages and schools all face daily crises. Death is all around them; and it’s going to take far more than posting a photo of a child on a refrigerator in America and sending a $30-a-month check to make a significant impact.”

“It is (my) prayer that you will be driven to a call to action to personally engage in caring for the ‘least of these,’” Hammon said.

Hammon has spent most of his adult life living in the Florida Keys. He has been a biology/marine biology teacher, principal and superintendent, pastor, and currently serves as the president of the International Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (IACCS). He has been married to his wife Colleen since 1972; they share four grown children and 11 grandchildren.  

Three questions rocked the author’s life: The first, in the early 1970s when Hammon, as a marine biology teacher, was confronted with: “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” (Mark 8:36). He thought, “What good is it for me to produce the best marine biologist in the world, if they never know Christ?” That launched his lifelong journey in Christian education.

Then two other questions from Richard Sterns drove him to say yes to the presidency of IACCS: “What if there are children who will suffer somehow because I failed to obey God?” “What if my cowardice costs even one child somewhere in the world his or her life?”

Those questions sparked a “Popeye” moment. He, like Popeye, said, “I can’t stand it; I can’t stand it no more!”

The book is out now on Kindle for $9.99. A paperback version will be available for purchase on Jan. 3, 2021. Proceeds will be given to IACCS and the children they serve.

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